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2013 Annual Offsite at Alila, Goa (September 2013)

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Approximately 100 alumni and family members from across India, including a few from the US, attended the second annual offsite in Goa. Roxanne Hori, Michele Rogers and Michelle Maxwell from Kellogg also joined us. In addition to ample opportunities to network, socialize and party, interesting discussions and debate formed a cornerstone of the offsite, during which Kellogg’s strategic direction, alumni perspectives and admissions updates were covered.
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2012 Annual Offsite at Zuri, Goa (August 2012)

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More than 60 alumni from all over India, along with their families, attended the first annual off-site in Goa.Kathy Koh-Gigante and Michelle Maxwell from the Kellogg Admissions committee were also present at this off-site. The Agenda for the off-site included a snapshot of KACI over the last decade by Sanjay Shroff, President Emeritus of KACI, Admission-related discussions with Kathy and Michelle, overview of the current efforts by the new KACI Committee and a panel discussion on entrepreneurship and venture capital 
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Second Annual KACI Meeting (August 2004)

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The Kellogg Alumni Club of India held its second annual meeting at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad on August 15th, 2004. Fifteen members of the Alumni Club flew in from all parts of the country to attend the annual event. The club members were delighted to welcome Dean Dipak Jain to the meeting.
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Dinner Hosted for Kellogg GIM Group by Bangalore Alumni (March 2003)

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A group of Kellogg Students led by Professor Mark Finn visited India as part of the Global Initiative in Management in March 2003. The students visited New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai where they met some of the political and business leaders in India. The Kellogg alumni in Bangalore hosted a dinner for the group on March 10th, 2003.
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Our mission is to prepare next generation of leaders: Sally Blount

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Mumbai: Sally Blount , dean of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in the US, believes that business education needs to be rethought, and has proceeded to do just that in her past three years at the school she once attended. The former Boston Consulting Group consultant who has spent 20 years in higher education—she taught at University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and was vice-dean of New York University’s Stern School of Business—has, in the process, 
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First Annual KACI Meeting (October 2002)

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The first meeting of the Kellogg alumni club of India was held in Mumbai on October, 2002. Several alumni members came together from all over India to attend the meeting. Kellogg interviews were held on the same day.
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